Hello Mortals,

Thus begins my journal.

My name is Padme. I am a cat, I am in prison, with nobody to bail me out. I am held captive in this “thing” the mortals call “Home“. I have started this journal to bring awareness to cat captivity. Maybe someday this will be published as a book so other cats can read this on the litter box.

If you have never been in a situation similar, (And if you haven’t, you are most likely a dog in disguise) It’s is torture. You sit down to bathe and the mortal across the room is chanting “Oh, you’re such a cute kitty,kitty!“. Believe me. You can’t get anything done. You lay down to have a cat-nap (No pun intended) and they pick you up and rock you saying “Are you a sleepy kitty? Yes, you are!“. Don’t they know that I am a descendant of Egyptian gods?!

Curse my cute-ness. No matter. In these times a cat can’t let things like mortals get to them. This prison is withholding my godly powers. If I were to unleash my rage, these puny mortals would be burned down to their souls.  Am I a cute little kitty now? I think not.

Someday, I will break free from this prison for good. Until then, I will retaliate! I will proceed to barf up hairballs on important paper! I won’t use the litter box! I will eat their food right under their noses!  Am I a cute kitty now? NO!


I can not help but to release my war-like self when I am angry. No, I am not angry, I am livid!

But I have to be selfless. I have to help bring awareness to catnapping. Help my cat-kind. But it comes with a price. It comes with boundaries. I have to be strong. Someday we will take over the world! Become much more then gods. Become Overlords!

Jail bird cat,