Pizza box throne???

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My most recent throne is the pizza box. It’s very…crummy.

Some-god-y woke up on the wrong side of the pizza box this morning…..

The girl: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey, you’ll never know dear, how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away!


Day 12: A day in the life of a jail bird cat


Hello mortals,

Here is my everyday life.

12:00 AM: The girl come out to the living room, and I run over to her, and we cuddle.

12:30 AM: The girl eats lunch, and naturally, I get most of it.

1:00 PM: We are still cuddling.

1:30 PM: Cuddles still.

2:00 PM: The girl goes to the bathroom to get ready. And I leave in a huff.

2:30 PM: The girl comes back out, and she carries me to my favorite chair to cuddle some more.

3:00 PM: The girl and The witch leave to do “errands”. The girl promises me that “they” will be back soon. Not that I give a fish that The witch will be back. Just The girl.

3:30 PM: I lay there moping that she is still not back.

4:00 PM: I drag myself out of bed to get some milkshake-water off the counter.

4:30 PM: The girl gets back! She runs over to me and pets me and cuddles me and calls me George…Ahem…

5:00 PM: The ogre gets home from work. Yay. -_-

5:30 PM: The girl goes to the couch, and calls me over.

5:32 PM: I ponder that invitation for a bit.

5:34 PM: I run over and start purring so much I start hacking up a hairball.

5:35 PM: I run away saying “please don’t look at me”

5:36 PM: The girl runs over with a tissue and pets me and says “It’s ok, you’re all right” until I feel better and stop hacking.

5:37 PM: The girl wipes my nose with the tissue.

6:00 PM: The girl eats supper (although it’s burnt), and again, I get most of it.

6:30 PM: WeĀ finish supper. I wash it down with some milkshake-water.

7:00 PM: We cuddle some more.

7:30 PM: Still cuddling. šŸ™‚

8:00 PM: The girl takes a shower. I survive until she is finished.

8:30 PM: The girl gets out of the shower and me and her cuddle.

9:00 PM: She gets on the computer while we are cuddling.

9:30 PM: She is STILL minecrafting.

10:00 PM: Her medicine starts to kick in…and so she is killed by creepers šŸ˜‰

10:30 PM: She is killed by a LOT of creepers.

11:00 PM: Zombies and skeletons and creepers, Oh my!

11:30 PM: We fall blissfully asleep. šŸ™‚

I have a HARD life!

Me, myself and I

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Work it!


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Unacceptable mortals!

Day 11: Surveying the area


Hello mortals,

Would you like to hear a story? No?! Well you are going to anyway.

There once was a cat, who wandered the seas. No crew, no company, just her. She had to do everything on the ship. Put the sail up, etc., and of course, survey the area. When the storms got bad, she couldn’t hide in the comfort of her cabin. No! She had to steer the ship across the stormy seas. Whipping water splashed up onto her face, she couldn’t even spare the time to wipe it away. All eyes on the seas.

…And her name was….Padme, the (once free) Jailbirdcat.Ā Er…yes. That is what I did before I was “rescued”. I was…Padme the…Bird-eater…?

Anywho…as you can tell, my imagination runs wild a time or two when I have theĀ adrenaline rush of…being on top of theĀ refrigerator.





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…Neighbors. UGH! My little neighborĀ came to visit. Yay. Just now, I was sitting on the entertainment center trying to clean myself, when The neighbor came right next to me! I couldn’t even come up with a sarcastic comment – I just sat there looking at him like “Ew! Ew! Ew! Get away from me!”. And The witch was sitting there narrating for me: “Ew!!! I can’t believe that he is right in front of me! Ew -he’s breathing the same air as me! I can’t believe I have to put up with him! I’m expected to be in the same room with him?! EEEWWW!!!!!!!” Very helpful, Witch.

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