Hello mortals,

Right now I am journal-ing from my mobile device.

Why, you wonder? Because, as you can see from the title, I have escaped! Yes! Only the most daring, devious, and bravest of the gods would do as such! Being all of those, naturally, I would do so. As you can see now, this is what I’ve been planning all along. Doing overtime in my office, I made up a plan, and Wham! They didn’t know what hit them!

Out in my natural habitat I feel so alive! Free! Like I could live for a thousand years! I feel, no, not feel, I know I could conquer any  predator! Not that they would take on a god like me. I was born to be right here, right now! I am so mighty no predator would even dare to look at me! My next step is to find some servants to, well, serve me. A couple of lowly animal to worship me.

The only thing is…It’s cold…I haven’t had anything to eat in so long…I’m…I’m lonely. Right now…maybe my family isn’t so bad after all…I’m living under a deck…I hear growls in the darkness…I see eyes peer out from the shadows. I’m…….Scared…