The morning after I got home

Hello mortals,

Maybe this is best.

I have been caught and dragged back to this –  Uh, even cats don’t say things like             that. Anyhoo, I have been caught and dragged back to my *Ahem* prison cell.  They call it rescued. Like they would know! But…It’s warm. I have food. I have…Love. The girl (You will learn more about her later. One post can only have so much genius in it.) has made a bed for me. I have kitty treats, even!

But don’t get me wrong – It’s pure torture, but I’m tired. I can kill them tomorrow. But, they don’t seem so bad after fighting for my life rather than gracing people with it. I…sometimes… I *Ahem* love my *Ahem* family.  Well, that was fun. Now lets get back to more sarcastic content.

“Worthless” and “Very un-god like” are still the same. Good to hear. Not. But perhaps this is what Ra has out for me. I have to remember I have a path in life that I must follow. Bring honor to the gods. Represent my feline kind. But *sigh* it exacerbates me to the point of sleeping all day (No, it has nothing to do with the fact that I am nocturnal).

But, I am getting through. As bad as it is I still have the energy to wake “the girl” up every morning and cuddle. Am I showing my soft side? Maybe. But I am starting to like “the girl” more and more…