Hello mortals,

Now what you’ve all been waiting for.

The girl. Yes, it has come time for me to explain things to you. It all started a couple months before I left. The girl would come out and pick me up and pet me, and would bring me over to the chair she was sitting in. I would lay there, she would worship me, and all that jazz. We would do that almost every day, But then it came time for me to leave. Yes, it was hard, leaving behind the one and only mortal who treated me right, but it was what I had to do.

Talking to you now, I realize that my going away was just a nasty trick of Apophis leading me to my doom.

As hard as it is for me to say, I am happy here. With The girl of course, the rest of it is unbearable. The girl and I have a wonderful relationship. She is the only one who worships me correctly. Example; just today, the “Ogre” (Once again, you will learn more about him later) picked me up, had me in his arms on my back, rocking me like a baby!! I meowed a rescue call, praying to all the gods that someone would hear me. Thank the gods, The girl (who was in the other end of the prison) heard me and came trotting out, pulled me away from the “Ogre” and took me back to the other end of the house where she was. Hallelujah!

Saved by The girl again! All the times she has saved me…