This is a look inside our family’s “Inmates”

This is our dog, Sasha. (Padme: “Worthless”)

(Emily here, or, as you might know me “The girl”):

My family took Sasha in when our elderly neighbor had to go to the hospital.

She was admitted to stay in the hospital later in the week.

After spending several days in the hospital, they decided to put her in a Retirement home.

After a while she passed through the pearly gates of Heaven.

The vet called us and asked if we wanted the vet to take Sasha in.

We said no.

We are now the proud owner of the most wonderful dog in the world ❤


Our other cat, Neera. (Padme: “Un-God Like”)

This Neera, she is the only pet we actually “bought”. The others we rescued.

We bought Neera in a pet shop in 2000. I (Emily) was just a little 1 year old.

She’s our, uh, special cat… there is really nothing to say about her…

Um…She falls off the refrigerator?

Simon – “I don’t want to play in the leaves”

Then there is Simon.

He was a pug. He has also passed.

He was the runt of the litter, and he was born with a broken back.

Even when he was young he had a hard time walking, but in his last few years he could barely move.

We had to do the hardest thing that a pet owner and an animal lover would have to do.

We had to put him to sleep.

He has left this world, but he will never leave our hearts.

Rest in peace, little guy ❤

-The girl