Hello mortals,


Run, run, run. Get as far away from this horrid place as you can. Or more specifically, the cafeteria. Yuck! The food is…almost a living organism…Me and Very un-god like share the same type of food. At least she got what was coming to her… Anywho, ’tis nasty. Like I was saying in one of my other entry’s about The witch – Burnt. B-U-R-N-T. Charred.  C-H-A-R-R-E-D. And any other words under the sun that mean burnt. I’m starting to wonder if  they  realize that it is GRECIAN gods who are honored by burnt offerings. Not Egyptian.

But alas, even though I start a blog, rant, while peeing on their stuff, I am still here. Still captured. My godly essence contained by the iron bars of jail. But one thing I do like, when I hack and cough, The girl runs to my side with a tissue and pets me and tells me I’ll be alright, and then afterwords she wipes my nose off with said tissue. Ahh, I do love her…er, worshiping me…

Meanwhile during my suffering, Worthless is doing nothing and getting treats, cookies (He’s addicted. It’s absolutely repulsive.), crackers (sigh…addicted), toys, brushed, petted, and one thing I do like, The girl gets him down on the floor on his back and chews on his neck, and very, very rarely, gets a bath. He even has clothes – he gets to wear a collar!!!!!! But, the Egyptian god Bastet is N-A-K-E-D!