Hello mortals,

Lets focus on the good things – The girl is perfect.

The witch…uh…she brings me to wake up the girl….and sometimes (when she’s not meaning to) she doesn’t burn food….The ogre…er…he’s gone half of the time. =)

The witch and The ogre, they still have a lot to learn about worshiping cats. They should look to The girl for guidance. The witch, she feeds us. The ogre, he grills out sometimes (Though it is burnt). That is about it…for the good. I could go on and on about the bad stuff. Hmm…lets see – The ogre (as I have said) picks me up and rocks me like a baby and says “Ohh! You are a cute kitty kitty!! Ohhh, it the cute little kitty sleepy??”, (As I have said) Get off this! Get off that! I CAN’T BE ANYWHERE WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The witch, she burns food, Picks me up and…”cuddles” me, if you will. She takes me in her arms and holds me close (Believe me this isn’t the beginning of a love song) and goes “OOOooHHH! I love my kitty kitty!!!!! I just want to hold her and cuddle her and call her George!!!!!”. It is obvious they don’t know I am a goddess. If they did, they would be cowering on the floor worshiping me. They don’t know the things Bast can do if you make her angry.

You won’t like me when I’m angry.