Hello mortals,

Would you like to hear a story? No?! Well you are going to anyway.

There once was a cat, who wandered the seas. No crew, no company, just her. She had to do everything on the ship. Put the sail up, etc., and of course, survey the area. When the storms got bad, she couldn’t hide in the comfort of her cabin. No! She had to steer the ship across the stormy seas. Whipping water splashed up onto her face, she couldn’t even spare the time to wipe it away. All eyes on the seas.

…And her name was….Padme, the (once free) Jailbirdcat. Er…yes. That is what I did before I was “rescued”. I was…Padme the…Bird-eater…?

Anywho…as you can tell, my imagination runs wild a time or two when I have the adrenaline rush of…being on top of the refrigerator.