Hello mortals,

Here is my everyday life.

12:00 AM: The girl come out to the living room, and I run over to her, and we cuddle.

12:30 AM: The girl eats lunch, and naturally, I get most of it.

1:00 PM: We are still cuddling.

1:30 PM: Cuddles still.

2:00 PM: The girl goes to the bathroom to get ready. And I leave in a huff.

2:30 PM: The girl comes back out, and she carries me to my favorite chair to cuddle some more.

3:00 PM: The girl and The witch leave to do “errands”. The girl promises me that “they” will be back soon. Not that I give a fish that The witch will be back. Just The girl.

3:30 PM: I lay there moping that she is still not back.

4:00 PM: I drag myself out of bed to get some milkshake-water off the counter.

4:30 PM: The girl gets back! She runs over to me and pets me and cuddles me and calls me George…Ahem…

5:00 PM: The ogre gets home from work. Yay. -_-

5:30 PM: The girl goes to the couch, and calls me over.

5:32 PM: I ponder that invitation for a bit.

5:34 PM: I run over and start purring so much I start hacking up a hairball.

5:35 PM: I run away saying “please don’t look at me”

5:36 PM: The girl runs over with a tissue and pets me and says “It’s ok, you’re all right” until I feel better and stop hacking.

5:37 PM: The girl wipes my nose with the tissue.

6:00 PM: The girl eats supper (although it’s burnt), and again, I get most of it.

6:30 PM: We finish supper. I wash it down with some milkshake-water.

7:00 PM: We cuddle some more.

7:30 PM: Still cuddling. 🙂

8:00 PM: The girl takes a shower. I survive until she is finished.

8:30 PM: The girl gets out of the shower and me and her cuddle.

9:00 PM: She gets on the computer while we are cuddling.

9:30 PM: She is STILL minecrafting.

10:00 PM: Her medicine starts to kick in…and so she is killed by creepers 😉

10:30 PM: She is killed by a LOT of creepers.

11:00 PM: Zombies and skeletons and creepers, Oh my!

11:30 PM: We fall blissfully asleep. 🙂

I have a HARD life!