Hello mortals,

Yes, this is what we deal with.

On top of our computer -_-

This is Very un-god like on top of the computer. She can’t possibly be bright enough to find a good hiding spot. She’ll hide on the table (keep in mind these aren’t “hiding” spots. Being fully visible defeats the purpose of saying it’s a “hiding spot”), she’ll hide on the back of  toilet, yes very god like, I know. And many, many other places.

Now, since with only this, you are incredibly bored. So obviously, I will put myself in it.


When I am brought back to wake up the girl, we cuddle for a bit, then she says she has to get up…so I pout…then she asks if I want to go out, but I am just soo tired….so I stay back there for most of the day. It’s so comfortable, and dark, and warm…I love it! Though it would be better if The girl is back here with me…but since she’s not…it gives me a chance to blog!