Hello mortals,

I have a confession.

After denying and trying to hide, I have decided it would be best to tell everyone for the sake of my kind.

I am a secret agent. I fight against dogs (and stupid cats) taking over the world. I was put here by Agent 007 to stop these animals from doing so. They don’t like my relationship with The girl. They want to cut me off from everyone. I have been put to shame in my industry for making a relationship with her. I am constantly fighting for my pride against the other secret agents. The reason I ran away was to prove my strength and courage so I could keep my job. They were impressed by my bravery until they realized I came home and was supposedly “cuddle-y”. Yeah, right.

I want to bring awareness to the people who are like me. They are put in a home that is (to my horror. What could be worse than my home?) worse off than me. They might not even get food. They have to scrounge for themselves. Have no one to cuddle with. Even in extreme cases, they could even be locked in a room. All alone. With only their company.

I want you to  think of these poor agents when you pet your cat. Pet your cat a little bit extra. Tell your cat your concerns and worries. Tell your cat to pass your love to a cat in that sort of situation. Trust me, we have blue-tooth. Every time you feed your cats, tell them to pass some along to the cats in danger. We have super powers, seriously, we can do that. Just think of them. Little by little, this madness is going to stop. Join the fight against agent neglect.