Hello mortals,

welcome to my lunch break.

Indeed I have talked about jail house food before, but here is a whole entree dedicated to it. I’m going to explain to you just how bad the food is:

When we sit down to eat, if something is cooked correctly, we go “woah, what’s wrong with this?!”. But alas, should a god be forced to cook her own food? I think not. And…wouldn’t that look kinda weird? To see a cat standing at the stove stirring her rice, leaning over, opening the oven door and checking the chicken strips. I think that would look a little weird.

So, I suppose I will have to choke down her food. I mean, what else is a cat to do? I guess I could maybe get The girl to cook me food…she did when The witch and The ogre went to the EDS learning conference. Her specialty: “Super supper dinner” flavored (It’s regardless that that is the same canned wet food that the witch feeds us).