Hello mortals,

be veeewwy quite….I’m hunting rwabits…

THIS JUST IN: There is another agent! The Stupid neighbor is keeping an agent from seeing the light of day! I must find her…I must reach out to her…we must put our heads together to defeat MAN KINDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…ahem….How can I get to her…how must I do this, Ra?!? I must find her! I must save her from the massive fur being!

Oh, but the things I will need to complete this mission…

1) Wire

2) cans

3) pocket knife

4) Vinegar

5) Sausage (What? I’m hungry)

6) Water

7) Walkie Talkies

8) Needle nose pliers

9)  Red food coloring

10) Diet soda

11) Mentos

12) duct tape

Mission Plan:

First, I will sneak in the bathroom window, use the shadows and make my way into the living room. I will start setting up the Mentos and diet soda, using one of my two cans and make a net out of wire on the opening of the can, slipping a Minto into the can, trailing wire back into the hallway, and then duct taping the soda bottle to the floor and the can to the lid. Once I pull on the wire, the net will open and will send the Mento falling into the soda, and when the irruption starts, the can will be blown off. On my way to the back bedroom. I will put the vinegar into the can, dropping red food coloring in the vinegar, tipping it over, spilling it.

I will find the other agent then, give her a walkie-talkie, have her as the look out, using the needle nose pliers and pocket knife to pick the lock on the patio door escaping into freedom. Then sitting in the alley (What can I say? We’re alley cats) eating sausage and drinking water basking in our success!



Writers note: Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been dealing with some serious writers block. But I hope this is worth waiting for!