Hello mortals,

I must say this isn’t anything good.

After me and patches got out into the alley, she had to break it to me. She said that she was on an incredible mission to try to take down the Stupid neighbor, and she said she couldn’t leave. She was on duty, and she said she’d give up her life to benefit Cat Kind. The kind of cat it takes to say that. Never have a met a kind so determined, so selfless, so urged to complete a task. She said she had to go back. She didn’t want to leave me, and I can say that I didn’t want to leave her, but I couldn’t argue with what she said. I can safely say she is the most strong-willed cat I have ever met.

Before she left, we talked some.

“What is your motive? What has driven you to become the kind of cat you are?”. I asked her. “When I was a kitten, my mother abandoned me and my two other siblings.” She responded. “I was the oldest, so I took it upon myself to take care of my brother and sister. I hunted mice, I bathed them, and I gave them something my mother never did. Love. I treated them like my kittens. I was the one in charge. I knew what had to be done. And I did what was best for them. I was the strong figure in their life – Like my mother should have been. I was the one they could come to if they were scared. I would keep them huddled in a corner during cold winter nights and thunderstorms.” She continued.

“Though my mother abandoned us, we never looked at it that way. I told them that God had a different path for mother, and I didn’t tell them otherwise. I knew the truth – That she blatantly abandoned us – But I would rue the day I told them that. I raised them to be respectable cats, so nobody would give us a second look.” She said. “Where are you brother and sister now?” I asked. She swallowed the lump in her throat enough to reply to my question. “My sister was adopted by a farm hand to help keep the mice away from the farm he worked at. She said goodbye to me and my brother, and my brother went up to her with tears in his eyes saying ‘Why are you leaving us, sissy?’. I scooted him away, not allowing myself to let my tears stream out, saying ‘Goodbye, sis’. We hugged for a moment until the farm hand scooped her away exclaiming ‘Oh, the farmer’s daughter will love you!’.” She wistfully said.

“I walked my brother away explaining to him that God has paths for all of us, and we must follow them. He asked me ‘But why do I feel so sad then?’. I looked up into the sky and pondered his question for a moment, then I said ‘I don’t know.’. In the darkness of the summer night, huddle in our corner that felt so much bigger now, I let the tears come out. Somehow, he knew I was crying. He came up, and curled up against me, and told me everything was going to be alright. It felt good to not be in charge for once. Not have to put a brave face on. But it didn’t last for long. It was later than usual, and he fell asleep soon after that, and the burden was set back on my shoulders.” She explained.

“A few months later, and it was finally December, it was ice-cold. We had warm scraps that we slept on, but they were soaked. We were chilled to the bone. It was horrible for me, but I can’t imagine what it was like for him. He was the runt of the litter. A week had passed, and I could tell that he wasn’t his normal self. He walked slower. He didn’t eat as much. He was dizzy. I couldn’t tell what had happened to him. What was once a smiling face, now was a grimace.” She told me. Nothing helped him. Nothing would ease his misery.” She said.

“I cannot describe the agony that I was in that night. I woke up, immediately smelling spring in the air, hearing birds singing. I ran out like a kitten, and saw a single rose blooming. I ran back to get my brother – he had to see this! I ran up to him, and I should’ve known something was wrong. I yelled ‘Brother! Come see the rose that is blooming! Spring is finally here!’ I had no answer. I shook him. Still no answer. Then I decided something was really wrong. I yelled, shaking him vigorously! No answer. I rolled him over, put my head on his chest, looking closely to see if he was breathing. To my horror – No movement. I took his pulse. No heart rate.” She said, tears streaming down her face.

“I started sobbing ‘Brother! Brother! Please! Don’t leave me! No! You can’t!’ Running out of energy, I said quietly ‘Brother? Please…I need you!’. Finally realizing that I was alone, with no one in the world to help me, I covered his head up with a scrap of newspaper, saying my final farewell, ‘I love you so much. I want you with me. Now.’ Quietly crying now, ‘Goodbye, brother. I hope the Lord takes care of you.’. I kissed him on the forehead, covering him up completely with newspaper.” She told me.

“I walked around, knowing I couldn’t go back there, trying to find something, some one, to help me. To comfort me. To make this go away. I walked around all day, and all the next day, with no food, water, warmth, or sleep. It came to a point that I just bleakly, meowing for help. I walked until sunset on the last day, so hardened by sorrow, I couldn’t even cry anymore. At last, I found a jolly old pastor, coming home from a day at the church, walking down the sidewalk. I meowed, and he looked at me, saying hello to me, but them walking away. I followed him onto his porch, and when he opened the door to his house, I walked right in. He couldn’t say no to me, looking as I looked, hungry, tired, and scared.” She explained.

“He cleaned me up, finally regarding me as his cat.” She told me. After they were sent to another church to pastor, they packed their house up, and me, and brought me to their house that they bought where they are pastor-ing, which is the house you just…ahem…broke me out of.” “You love that pastor, don’t you? That’s why you don’t want to leave. They are your family, aren’t they?” I asked her. “…Yes. I do love him. And…that is partially the reason. They are my family. And I’m not going to leave them like my mother did me.” she said.

“I’m sorry, but I have to go back now, Padme. I wish you well. Stay in contact with me, please. You are a great cat. The things you could be able to do!” She told me. Then she bumped up against me, and told me “Hey, and if you ever need any help getting mission, here’s my card.” She said, winking. “Goodbye for now, Padme.”.

“Goodbye, Patches.” I said to her as she walked away.