Sunday, September 2, 2012 my family learned that my great grandmother passed away unexpectedly in her sleep. Wednesday we had her funeral. She had a full, good life. She will be missed, but we understand that it was her time. And that she is now in Heaven, her pains gone, and walking with the Lord.

Then, after midnight on the 5th we got a phone call saying that my great grandfather went into cardiac arrest. Someone heard him weezing, and was grabbing the inhaler to give him a treatment, and he took one last gasp and fell down. The same person caught him mid fall, called 911, and started CPR. When the EMT’s got their and took over the CPR, they revived him enough to get him to the hospital.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to work with, brain wise. Saturday, September 22, 2012 at 1:47 PM, he passed after 11 days of being  taken off the respirator.

Thursday (9/27/12) we had his funeral. He was a veteran, fought many wars, He was a hero. The casket had an American flag draped over it. And there was a 21 gun salute. We each (the family) got a shell of the blanks they fired off. When he was still in the hospital, they had a pinning ceremony, which is when they pin on the pins that he earned in battle.

We each learned a lot from that funeral. Things we never will forget. But I think we all learned something in particular. We learned just how strong love can be.

Thank you all for the prayers.

-The girl