Hello mortals,

Welcome to my office.

We must seek revenge to the dog who punishes us with his presence. Conjure up a plan to make him pay. This. Will. Be. Fun.

Step one – The easiest step; When the human neighbors are gone, and the stupid dog is locked up in the kitchen, well, we let him out of the cage so he can reek havoc!

Step two; Pour out all the candy from the candy jars onto the floor.

Step three; Unwrap some of the candy, give them to the dog, and spread the wrappers out onto the floor so it looks like he ate them. (And he did)

Step four; This step we will need to get patches in on it. Have her get Ketchup from the refrigerator and help her pour some onto her back so it looks like the stupid dog attacked her. Have her pour a little onto the (white) carpet and lay next to it. Also, when they come it, she’ll have to play it up with her pitiful meows and fake howls of pain.

Step five; Go outside and get doggy-poo and bring it inside and also put it on the carpet.

Step six; Dump the trash can over and let the stupid dog go to town with it.

Step seven; Put the Old lady’s favorite shoes in the chipper shredder!

Step eight; Pour water in the bed so it looks like he..uh..ahem..You know what I mean.

Step nine; Tip over the litter box and make sure there is plenty kitty litter everywhere

Step ten – The final step; Lastly, we shall get him up on the table and lay him down, so when they come in, he’s laying on the table asleep!


Stick around for Mwahahaha Part 3!