Hello mortals,

Tis been a long time. Too long.

My cover story:

I have been busy scouting out area’s for a possible Kat Korporation HQ sites. Doing journal entry’s seems silly when you are avoiding dogs and humans at all times.

The real story: Holiday break, people! Hanging out with my fellow kind drinking hot chocolate water and singing “Ninety-nine barrels of fish on the floor, ninety-nine barrels of fish, take one out, pass it around, ninety-eight barrels of fish on the floor…”

So I am making it up to you. Thus begins the making up;

I have put together *41 funny cat (and a couple dog) pictures for you! Sit on down, relax, but before you do that you might want to go to the bathroom first, because you will be laughing. A lot. 😀

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*Slideshow has been added and pictures have been added.