Hello mortals,

Here is the long awaited Part 3.

Screams. Lot’s of screams. How could you’s, etc.. You may be thinking that it was a lot of work for not a lot of pay off…, IT WAS WORTH IT. You don’t see many cats running around doing these kinds of things anymore. So many of them have been whisked away for army training. Normal mischief of a cats life would be breaking in and stealing food. Well..I prefer to have some idiosyncrasy to my work.

Damage. That’s what I strive to do. Lots and lots of damage. The more damage the better.

Then of course I come home to The girl being all “Ooohh!! Kitty kitty kitty! Where have you been?? Oh you’re such a cuddly little kitty cat. *Kisses, hugs, cuddles*” Which, If I may say so myself, is a wonderful welcome home. Ahem..I mean..not so wonderful welcome to my prison. Then I get fed. More cuddles. IT’S TORTURE! All in a days work.

Oh no, someone’s coming! I must go for now, my minions. OVER AND OUT.