Hello Mortals,


Doesn’t Everyone hate it? No matter how much you try to respect your fellow kind, there’s always some person that you hate for no reason! Actually there is a reason; Politics. Some people just think they’re better than others. They are the pets (no pun intended) of the leaders here at the agency. Even though there are people better than them. Cough cough – Me – Cough Cough. And don’t even get me started with other agencies!  Actually too late. Already started.

Earlier today there was a cat from a rival agency on MY porch! Just laying there. He was just taunting me! I started telling him off… Yeah, not proud of it. The witch went and got The girl, so after I had calmed down she took me and had an invigorating talk with me. She told me that it was raining, and he just wanted to keep dry. She said that when I “ran away” it was raining (or snowning, I zoned out there), and I had probably was forced to take cover to stay warm. So she told me that instead of telling him off, I should encourage him to go back home.

Well, I went back to the window, and he was STILL THERE! So I let the anger get the best of me, and I started doing it again. This time it was bad, because he was adding to it with what he was saying. Well The girl was standing there and picked me up to try to get me to stop, and I know, I’m not proud. But I freaked out. I started having flashbacks to the other kitties bullying me when I was lost. And how I was hungry and scared and wanted nothing more than to go home back into my Girl’s warm embrace.

Anyway, I freaked. I flipped (Literally) and I scratched her, and flew out of her arms and ran. But she caught up to me and held me until I calmed down. She forgave me instantly. In fact, I’m not sure she was even angry in the first place. After that she went out and talked to the kitty. She said that it wasn’t nice taunting me, and that he should go home instead of wasting time being mean. I tapped into her thoughts and made her give him a piece of pop corn as a peace offering. Well…he didn’t take it. So I called Patches first, to tell her what happened, then, she advised me to tell our Agency. She said that he was going against our Kitty Konstitution TM.

When we took our place in whatever agency – it’s the same for all – we took vows. We wouldn’t taunt each other. We wouldn’t harm each other. We wouldn’t do our kind wrong. We wouldn’t skip on our duty’s. We wouldn’t do half hearted work. Etcetera, etcetera. The important vows to take from that are 1) We won’t taunt each other. 2) We won’t skip on our duty’s. 3) We won’t do our kind wrong.

He was skipping out on his work! The work he was doing he was doing half heartedly! He was doing our kind wrong! He could be fired for all of those things. Especially if you have proof….. >_<

You know what this is called? PROOF.

You know what this is called? PROOF.

Just laying there!