Jailbirdcat is back!

I’ve been gone for a while. You must have noticed because I’m just that awesome. I had some stalkers, whom I learned were from a competing agency, so I had to go incognito for some time. BUT I’M BACKKKK. You better put your seatbelts on ‘cuz you’re ’bout to go on a rollercoaster. PEACE.

So lots has happened whilst in incognito. Worthless got more worthless. Un-God Like got, well lets just say.. got even. more. Satanic. The Stupid Neighbor is as tank-like as he could be. Patches, we tight. Our POA (Plan Of Action) is much farther along since we went incognito. (I like that word)

Oh! And another thing. THE NEIGHBORS GOT ANOTHER PUPPY. I’m mean, come on. isn’t 1 stupid animal and 1 epic animal enough? Apparently not. I have spoken to Ra in much detail, after scouting out and gathering intel. of the puppy. Ra’s oh so glorious decision shall be t0

call her PIRANHA. Do we need a side by side??





















I would like to present you with a collection of pictures that have been taken over the past few months. Mostly of Piranha, but some of Worthless and Neighbor.



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My agency has taken care of our little stalker problem, so I will be able to be in the radar again instead of under it. So, insignificant mortals, that means I will be able to write more journal entries! Goodbye my minions!