Hello mortals,

come, meet a friend.


I know this pic is bad. She wouldn't stay still long enough for me to take it.

This is Sammy. Long time friend, co-worker, co-goddess.


I rarely get to see her in person, because she’s located in another town, but I got to see my bestie last Sunday!!! She is one of the most dedicated workers I have seen. (Apart from me of course) She actually suffered a racoon bite to her tail fighting off a rebel cat. The cat just had the coon in her pocket, and, BOOM. Here comes the coons.

I’ve always envied her a little bit because she is a barn cat. She has more freedom than me. It makes her missions easier. She doesn’t have to scout around mortals to do her duty.

Although! I did find out some juicy gossip! Apparently, since she lives around a church, The Girl goes there and Sammy always waits and runs up to her after church. The Girl loves to cuddle her and says that Sammy’s the “fluffiest kitty ever!”. I would be a little bit miffed at The Girl if Sammy wasn’t so loyaly connectly to mio. I actually think it’s cute! As long as it doesn’t take away from my time.

While I hung out with Sammy my red phone went off (My agent phone). HQ said that they will need me AND Sammy’s help with a mission! We are looking forward to it very much. It’s gonna be awesome!