rewind: Day 25: Meet Sammy

…While I hung out with Sammy my red phone went off (My agent phone). HQ said that they will need me AND Sammy’s help with a mission! We are looking forward to it very much. It’s gonna be awesome!



Hello mortals,

Welcome to HQ.

Sammy and I are currently sitting in the waiting area (obviously) waiting to see Tom. (Our Boss) Everyone here is quite on edge after some top secret network breaches.

Tom comes out of his office and beckons us in.


This is Tom, The Boss

This is Tom, The Boss

This is his office.

This is his office.

These are his go-to body guards (Left: Charlie Right: Bobby)

These are his go-to body guards AKA “The Boys” (Left: Charlie Right: Bobby)












Tom sits down at his desk.  The Boys shut the door and put down the shades on the windows. Me and Sammy look at each other; We know this is serious business. Tom begins with a long sigh. “Our firewall has been breached. Some of our important files have been tainted.” We gasp. “Our people have tracked it back to a group of people… The CATastrophic Nine” he says. The rooms tenses up. Tom goes on to give a discriptions of the gang.

“These guys attacked me the other day!” I realize. Tom leans forward on the desk, “And how did you get out of it?”. Their eyes got wider and wider when I told them about the fish and the doughnut and the donkey kong playing ping pong. The Boys behind me are cracking up, I turn around and give Bobby a death-glare, and pivot to give Charlie one too, but I find my eyes go soft and something in my belly….Butterflies?? I quickly turn back around to face Tom.

“How can we help?” I ask. “We need leads. We need to find out where they are and who they are.”. “Once we do that we need a plan. We need to find a team of agents to beat them.” I nod. “They are tough, but we have some of the best agents in the world. I can get Patches to help us. We can beat them”. We start making the plan.

I used my red phone (My agent phone) to call Patches. Now we are all in the bunker, The Boys had to for safety reasons – So no one who shouldn’t could overhear the plan.

This is our bunker. It is very much fancied up because most agents have had to stay down here for long periods of time. (This is where I stayed when I had to go under the radar)

This is our bunker. It is very much fancied up because most agents have had to stay down here for long periods of time. (This is where I stayed when I had to go under the radar)


We start by prepping. Gathering the supplies for the three of us, what we will need for the trip. What we have to have:

  • Food supplies
  • pocket taser
  • Utility belt | Gun, Grenade, bungie cord, grappling hook, pepper spray
  • Gas Masks
  • Map of the High Kitty Activity places
  • Fire starter
  • life vests
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Handcuffs
  • Headshots of The CATastrophic Nine

Now all we have to do is find them!


We’re off on the mission. We’ve been walking for 2 hours now, looking at all the High Kitty Activity spots. So far we’ve found….nothing. We’ve only been on this mission for a very short time and we’re already losing faith. We’ve stopped people and asked if they’ve seen these people. No leads. “How are we supposed to catch these guys if NO ONE knows them?” Patches exclaimed.

“This is turning into a Mission Impossible.” Sammy says tiredly. I know I have to keep our spirits up if we are going to accomplish anything.”We’re going to find them, we just need to keep the faith! Boss wouldn’t have sent us on this mission if he knew we couldn’t do it!”, “Well we do always suprise him..” Patches says sarcasticly. I smack her on the back of the head, “PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER GIRLS!” “We are going to make this mission possib- Wait a minute..”. “What?” They say. “These are foot prints.” I pull out the map. “This is High Kitty Activity”. “Pull your tasers out girls”

We walk slowely and quitely back into the alley. It leads into a junk yard. I kick some trash around, and feel the dirt underneath my feet. “Ow!” I yelp, scaring Sammy half to death. “What happened?!” Patches says, “I got… a splinter..?”. “Wait a minute..” I lean down and start feeling around on the ground, until I hit something hard and… wooden. “A trap door!” I exclaim. “Here we go…” We say together. “Jinx!” We say together again. We start cracking up. “Get it together girls!” I say, still chuckling. I open the trap door…

We look around. This is like the Bunker we have at our agency, only it’s decked out in weapons, Skull flags, and body armor. “Sammy, We’re not in Kansas anymore.” I say sarcasticly. Patches snorts, waking a guard we didn’t notice in the corner. And of course, he pulls the alarm. A rush of fur comes crashing in, until we’re surrounded by the CATastrophic Nine. “” I say.”They’ve really come at us with open arms, aye?” I think to myself. “Get ready girls” Patches says. “Gas Masks on in 5..4..3..2..” I say, them knowing to pull out pepper spray when ready.

“And…….NOW!!” The fight begins. We quickly figure out that these guys are not going to go down without a fight. We’re not going to beat them in a group – We have to seperate them. The weakness of all gangs. “Huh..maybe that learning course actually taught me something..”I think. I yell “SPLIT UP!”. I get my grappling hook and shoot it at the railing on the ceiling, swinging along at kicking 3 gang members in the head, knocking them out. The leader of the group I assume was taking into hiding during the attack for safety, since he was no longer able to be found. I swing up to the second floor railing and hold on looking at my surroundings.

Patches is fighting 2 gang members, winning of course. Sammy is fighting the guard that pulled the alarm, but it looks like she beat 2 others. I count in my head the members of the gang ( There’s 9 all together); Kaias, Titan, Jaz, Maxim, Ulrich, Xavier, Atticus, Xad, then the leader Vincenzo. So we’ve defeated Titan, Maxim and Ulrich, Xavier, Xad, Kaias, and Atticus. Only Jaz and Vincenzo! I drop down and hit Jaz with the butt of my gun. Check.

Patches, Sammy and I meet up, and decide we need to find Vincenzo.”Splitting up would be too dangerous because this place is probably loaded with traps” Patches says wisely. We go through a corridor, keeping watch all around us. The girls kept walking but I suddenly stopped. “Something doesn’t feel right.” “What is it?” Sammy says. I look around, searching for clues. My eyes land on a spot. “These people do not know how to hide secret doors” I whisper. I kicked the door down and what do I find?…

Vincinzo in a purple satin night gown, drinking a mug of warmed milk, reading a Seventeen Magazine, (A/N No sponsors for this post) getting ready to get into a hot tub. “His face….is priceless” Sammy whisper laughs in my ear, I crack a smile. “Sir you are under arrest for breaking too many laws for me to even list, the murders of innocent civilions, and also my wallet.” He looks at me funny, I raise my voice, “Your guys knocked the fish and doughnut out of my hand, and I had to buy them again! We’re in a recession, man!” I walk up and handcuff him. He doesn’t put up a fight. The CATastrophic Nine is done.

Back at the Agency, Tom pats us on the back, “You did a good job, Agents! Patches, we just might have to think of taking you in! You’re a pro!”. “I just might have to take that offer.” Patches says. Tom and Patches walk off talking about money, alliances and such. “Sammy, why don’t you get some sleep, you worked hard.” I suggest. Sammy pats me on the back and walks off.

Charlie walks up to me, “So…I was thinking…maybe, uh,….sometime…we could…maybe..go out..?” He stutters. I smile, “Oh charlie…. I…”