Rewind: Day 26 Mission Impossible….or Possible?

Charlie walks up to me, “So…I was thinking…maybe, uh,….sometime…we could…maybe..go out..?” He stutters. I smile, “Oh charlie…. I…”


“would love to!” I smile. “Great!….So I’ll pick you up……..8:30…?” Charlie stutters. I look at my watch; it’s 1:30 now. We part ways, I start adding up the hours I have to get ready. “1:30, 2:30, 3:30…8 hours to get ready” I mumble to myself. “Purrrfect” 😉

“PATCHES! PATCHES! PATCHES! PATCHES!” I scream into the dark room she’s currently sleeping in. “WHAT!!!!!” a grumpy voice screams back. “THIS IS CODE 1,248,975,469!” I yell. “HOLY RA”, the door swings open and I get pulled into the room. “Who, what, when, where?!” I get interrogated. “Guess” I say with a smirk on my face. “Tom.” “EWW! Really patches??” I say as she falls over with laughter. “Okay, okay. It’s Charlie” I tell her. “AHHHHH! I KNEW IT!” “I have 8 hours to get ready.” “Spa day?” “Spa day.”

“So what outfit are you going to wear?” Patches asks me. “I’m not sure.”

“I was thinking this…”









“But then I was like, Maybe I should go retro…” I say.






“I see your dilemma” Patches says with great thought. “Charlie doesn’t see your girly side. He only see’s and hears about your killing people side.” “Genious! But I don’t want to be too girly.” I tell her. “I think then you should go with the first retro one.” She says. “I agree.”.

8 hours has past and I’m waiting for Charlie to pick me up. I check my watch; 8:30 to the dot. “Why am I nervous? I’m never nervous. I don’t even get nervous for Vincinzo!” I say under my breath. “SHAKE IT OUT. SHAKE IT OUT. SHAKE IT OUT.” I dance around shaking my arms. I was so wrapped in shakin’ it out that I didn’t realize Charlie had pulled into my driveway and was sitting there laughing at me. He gets out and opens my door so I stomp to the car, climb in and pout. “Knock knock.” Charlie says. ‘Don’t give into it……AH! I can’t do it!’ I say in my head “Who’s there..?” I say rolling my eyes. “Owners” “Owners who….?” “Are stupid!” He exlcaims cackling. “That is just rich” I say, not telling him that I am cracking up inside.

“And here we are!” Charlie says as we pull up to the restaurant. “How can you afford this, Charlie?!” I say. ” I have my ways” He says. We walk inside and Charlie says our reservation. “And here is your table” The butler says.

“This is really beautiful, Charlie.” I say. “You’re really beautiful” He said under his breath, probably thinking I didn’t hear that. “So I hear Tom is really high maintenance” I say, cackling so loud I get weird looks. Then Charlie joins in just as loud. “Oh my ra” I say out of breath. But Charlie keeps on laughing. We start getting really dirty looks, so I grab his arm trying to get him to stop, rather unsuccessfully, considering I’m laughing just as hard.

The waitress comes and begins to take our order, obviously taking a liking to Charlie, which means she hated me. So I purposely took as long as I could ordering. We speant most of the time laughing after she left.

The food came and she conveniently dumped my food. Onto my lap. I stood up, and I started yelling to Charlie “HOLD ME BACK. HOLD. ME BACK.” Lucky for her my red phone went off.


 “PADME!” Tom yells through the phone – This is serious. “Yeah, Tom?!” He takes a deep breath; “Vincinzo escaped.”