“PADME!” Tom yells through the phone – This is serious. “Yeah, Tom?!” He takes a deep breath; “Vincinzo escaped.”


*Vincinzo’s POV*

These stupid agents think they can beat up my minions and take me hostage! Not Vincinzo! Iwill find an escape. I will outsmart them. For I am Vincinzo! I am above all of them. ALL OF THEM! Tom, Charlie, Bobby, and Padme. Padme. She thinks she is so much better than me. NO ONE SHALL BE  PROMOTED HIGHER THAN I! I will find a way to escape this Ra-forsaken cage!

Just look at this! The agony! I will see the sun again. The wind blowing in my fur. (STOP WITH THE BALD JOKES) Now to do it…

I search the room. I find a bobby pin. I start quietly picking the lock. It clicks. I’m out. Now to get out completely. I strut down the hall. Give a salute to all the other prisoners, I look over to one and he goes:


I say to him “I poop in your general direction.” and he goes    ^

I walk out into the lobby, saw a sleeping gaurd, so I got a marker and drew a mustache on him. An’ I’m Out

*Padme’s POV*

“He’s out” I tell Charlie. “Well we gotta go back to HQ” He replies. “Duty calls..” I saw sarcastically. “Onward we go!” Charlie says cheerily. Driving in the car with Charlie is a little bit chaotic; “CHARLIE SPEED UP! This is a 50 miles an hour zone and you’re going  30!” “Safety first, Padme” He scolds. “Don’t you know the phrase ‘it’s better to be safe then sorry’?” “Oh I do, I just choose not to abide by it. #boombadabing” I say. Charlie just rolls his eyes. “You’re annoying” “You’re annoying” “Stop copying me” “stop copying me ” “OWWWWW! Did you just try to yank my ear off?!” “Maybe.” “Ughhhhh”

“Padme, Charlie. Thank you for coming. We’ll go down in the bunker” Tom say seriously. “Okay, He couldn’t have gotten far. He found out he escaped half an hour ago, but he could have left hours ago. Let’s just say that gaurd is fired.” Tom says once we all sit down. “Logically yes, he couldn’t have gotten far, but he has hideouts all over the city. We know of 1. He has probaby a hundred places he could go and go under the radar.” I say. “And just in this city. He probably has them all around the coutry!” Charlie says.

“Charlie, would you contact Bobby? I need him in on this too.” Tom instructs. “Sure will.” Charlie said as he was leaving. I look over and I see Tom smirking. “Don’t bring it up.” I say annoyed. “Why were you with Charlie…?” Tom taunts. “We were, uh, talking about….new action plans for codes. Yeah, codes!” I say rather unsuccessfully. He just keeps smirking. “would you shut up about it??” I demand. “I’m not saying anything..” “You’re thinking it.” I say grumpily.

“Bobby! Thank you for coming.” Tom says. Bobby sits down beside me and props his feet up on the table. “Let’s get this thing going!” He exclaims. “Feet. Off.” Tom demands. “Sorry…” Bobby says. “So. Let’s get down to business.” I say focused on capturing Vincinzo.

“Let’s lock this sucker up.” Charlie says