Hello mortals,

I have a dangerous endever (“I have made ever” – Brownie points if you get that reference) for you.

Two nights ago, I made a risky decision. To slip out the garage door into the pouring rain. The Girl had just got home. And she began her normal routine of going into the bathroom and picking me up and bringing me into her room to cuddle. She came into the bathroom, and I wasn’t there. She then went into her room, I wasn’t there either. She went into The Witch and The Ogre’s room to check for me, nada. She went into the kitchen. Nope. She went into the laundry room, no me. She went into The Ogre’s bathroom, not there. She then asked The Totally Irrelevant Boy if I was in his room. Nope.

So she knew I wasn’t in the house. So she started looking in the garage. Now, the garage door (The big one) was open, mind you. Calling my name, The Witch got my food and started rattling it. Psh, Like I’m an animal or something. *rolls eyes*. The Girl became more frantic, not finding me. The Ogre got a flashlight to stare out into the dark abbyss. The Girl ran into the pouring rain, laying on the ground looking under the cars, calling my name, not finding anything.

The Girl was soaked, frantic, and very sad. All of them were telling her that I would come back, or that she’s just hiding in the garage. She leans up against the wall up under the porch, her calls for me getting more and more hopeless.

So that was when I decided I should get up out of the hamper I was sleeping in in the bathroom.