Posting Schedule + JBC Terms

Monday: New Journal Entry

Tuesday: Little Thoughts about Little Things/Pictures

Wednesday: Little Thoughts about Little Things/Pictures

Thursday: New Journal Entry

Friday: TGIF!

Saturday: Posting the previous week’s posts on my Twitter

Important JBC terms:

Kitty Konsortium™ – The agency me, Sammy, Patches, Charlie & Bobby, and Tom work for.

Kitty Kouncil™ – The state council everything has to be okay-ed by.

Kitty Kongress™ – The world wide organization.

  • The Kitty Konstitution™ – The constitution all agencies abide by.

amazonian.com™ – The ancient cat version of Amazon.com

‡ -This symbol that you might have noticed, means “double dagger”. Fitting, eh?



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