30 Cat Memes Kinda Day

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“Home Alone 6”???

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Hello Mortals,

I have an adventure for you peasants.

So the Witch and Ogre were gone, so obviously I got to rule the household. I allowed The Girl to reside in my kingdom.

There were some good times and bad times – well, bad times for The Girl, I’m impartial. Like, 1 down 1 to go, if ya know what I meannn…  We’ll start with the bad (*cough cough* impartial) news.

The Girl came home to find that Very Un-God Like had passed away.

Insert The Girl’s comment here;

“Yes, unfortunately Neera is gone, but we were all very ready knowing she could go anytime.  It still is very sad, but she’s happier up in Heaven.”

Insert Very Un-God Like memorial here;

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Then there was the happy times. Like when I when I dared to adventure OUTSIDE!

insert adventure photos here;

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And Worthless was sad…

insert sad photos here;

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Worthless also got his nails painted, Piranha got a sassy new outfit, and Stupid neighbor spooned with Piranha.

insert stupid photos here;

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What a week… phew. Now The Witch and The Ogre are back home and acting like they OWN the place.




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Let me end your week with a number of violent cat pictures ~~~~~~

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Oh my Ra it’s so cute! …I mean, I hate dogs!

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Okay mortals, I don’t like dogs. Let’s get that clear. But The Girl has found a fascination with Pug mixes. So in honor of her, I have made a slideshow. For HER. Not for me. Stupid hoomans with their loving dogs…

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