3 Year Anniversary!

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Hello mortals,

(for once) I feel like I need to thank you. For if you were not aspiring to be like me, you would not be reading this blog. We all need a cat to look up to. For me, I look up to this cat;


But I digress.

Cats everywhere have come up to me and told me that I was their inspiration! (but it’s really inconvenient because most of the time they do it while I’m undercover and working on a mission so please don’t do it. Tweet me @Jailbirdcat using the hashtag: #padmelikesshamelessplugs) 😉

I thought now I could pay my respects by showing you a picture of me in a sweater.





A Pressing Word For WordPress

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I’mma bout to have poo-flinging moment with wordpress.. You peeps have changed this format so much I can’t even tell where my toes are. This is why cats need to RULE THIS WORLD. *Ahem*  Lost my temper. Just kidding, IT’S STILL HAPPENING, I’m sitting in my work space, and I be looking at the screen like:

Cat tech

What am I supposed to do with this peeple?!?!?! I’m about to go all egyptian on these hoomans! Like, take my earrings, hold my kitten, we going to TOWN. I am a cat and my lack of technology skills is making me insecure. *tear* I need someone to come now and hold my hand and be like “Don’t be insecure girl. Work that pony tail. OWN that updo.

Jailbirdcat out.

The Kitty Kongress

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I just have to take a moment to tell my fellow cats/Gods that The Kitty Konsortium is running elections for The Kitty Kongress, and I need to vote for my good pal Hank in Virginia. – JBC, Padme


(random pic found from google search. Please folks, don’t vote for a random cat on the internet. That could lead to world domination and that wouldn’t be good for the hooman kind -TG)

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